14th of May, Vectorblade beta test?

I know Vectorblade is not FINISHED yet – but huge chunks of what is to be done – has been done.

VTK has got a first “beta” PCB and started to test.

I am looking for 2-3 more beta testers – who are willing to try to:

  • beat the game
  • explore achievements and secrets
  • communicate with me
  • are not upset – if I change not everything to their liking :-).

Since Vectorblade is still in development I am looking for people who also have access to an eprom programmer which must be capable of writing a flash chip:
that is basically a simple 2mBit FLASH, parallel 32DIP.

As a beta tester you will get something like:

Which should be straight forward to update if you have the right eprom programmer (I will build more as soon as I get some ZIF sockets that actually fit into the PCB!).

For the beta test I also set up an extra page and access to a forum, where messages can be passed between “us”.

For that to work you must register on my page – and I will give you write access to the forum. All others can read – if they want to.

The new page can be found under the “Vectorblade” menu and is aptly names: Vectorbalde – Beta Test


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14 thoughts on “14th of May, Vectorblade beta test?

  1. Phillip Eaton

    Good to see you’re on the home straight now with this project. Unfortunately I can’t beta test, having two young children sadly makes that unlikely, even if my EPROMs programmer is able flash the ROM. Definitely looking forward to seeing the game completed, though!

  2. vtk

    if anyone out there is interested in testing but doesnt have a rom programmer, here is a good nice price model which is available on ebay, amazon, aliexpress, etc
    it is called the: TL866II+
    (it is easy to use, you dont need any advanced knowledge)

  3. Jon

    If you can provide me with a .bin file, I could load and test it on my Vectrex using my sd-card reader. Would be happy to get test for you, and will definitely try to beat it and find the challenges.

  4. GeoAnas

    Hi again,

    I’ve got access to all needed gear (2 programmers + many different test cartridges boards) but I’m not a superior player although this is my favorite genre. (Love Shmups). Getting grumpy is something I am not familiar with. If u decide to alter something I really like inside the code, I will certainly drop u a pm or leave a post but you’re the maestro 🙂 Got also some experience on beta testing.
    If you approve me, please drop me an email. I will be glad to help you (as I always am) ) as much as an ordinary end user like me, has the technical knowledge to do it so.


    1. Malban Post author

      I wondered what kept you “away” :-)?

      I’ll send you a beta version… Actually the more I think about it – the game isn’t really about top notch players.
      If “worst comes to worst” I can enable cheat modes for beta testers :-).

      1 SLOT remains open (unless I order more new pcbs)

      (But please use the beta forum, when commenting on the game – not “just” emails)

      1. GeoAnas

        Thanks! I am always around (I don’t even think to give up! LOL!), but I am a bit shy! LOL! Truth is that I’ve also got a few other projects running, mostly C64 and Atari 800XL – all 8bit related of course 🙂

        I am definitely gonna use the forum. That’s the way I am used to work as a beta tester. All the knowledge and user’s experience gathered inside interesting forums can seriously boost many fine projects.
        Thanks again for your positive answer, I honestly feel very glad to be a member of this fine group! 🙂

  5. Malban Post author

    Ok, Closing shop now:

    Beta testers anticipated:
    Olli (has got his pcb)
    Peer (pcb on its way)
    Barry (pcb on its way)
    George (pcb is here)
    Sean 1 (pcb is here)
    Sean 2 (pcb must be build) [or with internet anonymosity – are you one guy?]
    Nic (possibly) (pcb must be build)

    I haven’t gotten more hardware – and if you guys are all on board I think it should suffice!

    Thx for the interest!

    1. Malban Post author


      You do have a serial VecFever, don’t you?
      You can contact Thomas on how to modify it, so it can play Vectorblade (one handwire + a new Firmware)

  6. Aston Sharman

    Happy to help out if you need anything in the future, I have more than my fair share of eprom programmers and erasers knocking about, and a well calibrated vectrex or two of different generations. Plus several workshops for electronics etc.

    All the best, Aston.

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