24th of November – New Vide version

Just some short info.

a) I uploaded a new Vide version (2.10) with all recent changes/bugfixes.
This is the first version, that needs Java 10 installed!

b) following might become some highscore “edit” for Vectorblade:

But obviously not finished yet.

c) I think about some “treasure hunt” (in a Minestorm) – I reuse the “old” tile engine, which by now has gravity/collision detection (the brighter tiles are collision “tested”, this is a debugging mode)

d) Warp failures have a new “Starfield”

e) I will go on a holiday shortly, probably no more updates till mid December…





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11 thoughts on “24th of November – New Vide version

  1. Michael

    Hi Malban!

    I’m having trouble getting the new version to run on OSX. It says I need at least Java 10 but I just updated to 11 and I am still getting the error popup when starting Vide.

    Note that I setup the new Vide by downloading it, extracting it, and dragging the contents into my original Vide folder using the “merge” option to keep my old projects.

    Testing for Java on my machine:

    java –version
    java 11.0.1 2018-10-16 LTS

    echo $JAVA_HOME

    Perhaps my machine just needs a reboot? I’m not really sure but wanted to run this by you. Thanks!

    1. Malban Post author

      I am just uploading a new version (under the same version String 2.10, upload will be finished at about 2:00 o’clock, going to bed now…) – please download again.
      If you start it – it will protocol to the log file, which java version Vide finds. Please tell me what the (most current) log file start looks like (first 5-6 lines or so).
      Also – when you start Vide with an additional command line parameter “-vt-” (-versionTest-) it will skip the Java version test.

      (I am also working on Max OSX, although I still have Java 10 installed)
      Should look like that:
      (By now I obviously installed Java 11 🙂 )

        1. Malban Post author

          Well – if Vide starts with the popup – sure you can’t see anything else and can’t change settings.
          That is what the command line parameter can be used for. Start Vide with the additional commandline parameter as mentioned “-vt-“.

          “Easiest” way if you can’t set the commandline parameters from your icon would be:
          – start a command window (or enter “cmd” at the windows search).
          – navigate to the vide directory (cd …)
          – when in the Vide home directory (the one where “vide.jar” resides enter:
          java -jar vide.jar -vt-
          – than Vide should start WITHOUT the Java test

          To increase the application debug level go to the menu:
          – System -> Extra -> Application configuration
          – in the opened window set debug level to 5, and ensure that “debug off” is not switched on
          – press save configuration

          Restart Vide
          – go to the menu “Window” and select “Debug window”
          – a window like in the last comment should appear
          – also a new log with “equal” output should have been created in the log folder

          Please tell me what they say.

          Also from this afternoon I’m two weeks on a holiday and can’t help much. Perhaps for “starters” the new commandline option enables you to use Vide again, otherwise for the time being I’d recommend go back to Vide 2.02, you can still download that from the “download history” on these pages.

          Ooops, wait, Mac user… Ok, I hopefully don’t have to tell you how to open a terminal and navigate to the Vide directory :-)…

  2. Michael

    Apologies for the confusion. I follow now how to run the test.

    It begins like this:
    INFO: Running on: 11.0.1 Oracle Corporation
    INFO: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.1+13-LTS, mixed mode)
    INFO: Home: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-11.0.1.jdk/Contents/Home
    INFO: JInput is supported
    INFO: VecVoice: samples loaded.
    INFO: vecx: init cart: Greetings
    INFO: cart: init
    Types: VecVox

    Just in case, I have also pasted the full log here: https://pastebin.com/QKCnrsLs

    No rush at all getting back to me.. I will revert to an older version while you are gone. Enjoy your vacation!

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