Malban – Vide diary – 18th of August 2016

ImagerExampleToday was the first time I lost source code from the vide project.

I hate losing source code and doing stuff again. For one reason or another this happens now and than – nonetheless I am quite unhappy. I don’t even know what I lost, since the last days were spent cleaning up and preparing vide for another release candidate. This means I was fixing stuff here and there (and back again). Well – time will tell – and serious bugs certainly won’t disappear.

There is actually not much to tell about great new features – like I said, cleaning up sources, writing documentation.

I also wrote an example program on how to do imager programming (see above image).

The left column is the left eye the right – well I leave that to your imagination.

I also started to do some “introduction” videos to vide – I think some pictures or videos might say more than a thousand written words – or so I hope. I would like for vide to be “more used” – so I am starting an information initiative – with doing a release candiate 3 this week and all :-).

Here the links for the current videos:

Vide – gettings started

Vide – import your own sources

Vide – programming the Vectrex

Vide – using VecLink cable…


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One thought on “Malban – Vide diary – 18th of August 2016

  1. Fell^RiFT

    Argh, how frustrating! Sorry to hear about the loss. I just discovered VIDE in the last few days and it’s absolutely brilliant. Looking forward to RC3!

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