Unreasonable person… part II

Beware about mentioning my name when dealing with furious vectrex homebrew developers!

I told a friend of mine about the “story” – unreasonable person and he wanted to surprise me with a birthday present of one of that guys games.

He made the mistake of mentioning my name in his order – the response he got:

        “Malban [original name changed] is a problem customer who I refuse to sell to.”

– and his order got cancled too. So – to me now it really seems that not I am the “bad” guy here. I mean – come on – refusing to deal with customers one does not know anything about because a sale might get into my hands? Even the reasoning in his response is not sensible, since my friend payed and I was not part of any “act of selling to”.

Similar thinks happened in the past:
(They all discuss the same event, but the first two threads were locked by the moderator…)

proboard link 1

proboard link 2

proboard link 3 (included a link to an even older thread on rec.games.vectrex)

I am glad that I am only a “part time collector” – and I am not worried about not having some of the newer homebrew games. And perhaps taking things not to seriously and having a life besides collecting and vectrex is even a good thing :-).




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