I will post some images of my collection here.

Home made by myself – in case I find anyone willing to play with me :-).

Following pics of originals.
Furthest to the left is Canadian, than American, than European. If a second image with the “same” follows its the two different European versions.
If there are only two version, than the first is American, the second European. If there is only one version, than it is American.

As far as I know displayed are:
– complete Canadian set
– complete American set
– complete European HongKong set
– complete European Ireland set

I don’t have all the Japanese titles – so as of now I didn’t include Bandai-stuff.

Complete European Set (Ireland + Hongkong):

Complete American set (Animaction missing – forgot to put it in the picture!)

Complete Canadian set:

   Complete “Der Luchs” set:

Complete “Thomas” set:

Complete Binarystar set (no prototypes):

Complete? Revival set:

Complete Vectorzoa set (no Joust – obviously):




Many Fury:


Packrat & Co.:

Some input devices:

3 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. SiLic0ne t0aD

    Incredible collection! By far the most complete set(s) I’ve ever seen. =) This is a great resource for serious collectors. Cheers

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