Goose vs Velociraptors

Binary Star assorted files
some games, some utilities, some demos, some hacks (trackball)

High score versions of:
MineStorm II, Fortress of Narzod, Sloar Quest, Star Castle (These 4 also as limited editions)
Cosmic Chasm, StarShip, Web Wars, Scramble
Were made by Binary Star Software (available via ebay).

Available as download, was also released as cartridge (ebay)

Spin -Cart I + II
Conversion of Vectrex games to use a spinner as input. Released on ebay, and can be bought from Binary Star shop.

Vectrex Fans Unite!
On Facebook, the (closed) group Vectrex Fans Unite! has a files section, which also contains a couple of files which are no where else available (spinner hacks, sample demos, music etc)

On Manu’s page there are quite a few demos, source code snippets and games. The original site is offline now – but the wayback machine also has all download, so: http://pelikonepeijoonit.net/vec/coders.html

Graham Toal
Over the years Graham programmed many “small” vectrex games and routines:
(look for Graham in facebook Vectrex Fans Unite)
(I do every now and than a backup of his server – lest it be lost some day!)