(Last update 24th of Mai 2019)

VecFever has now a “native” homepage at:

All downloads can now be accessed directly at:

Current “official” firmware version is 1.16!

Link to current FAQ (v1.14): VecFever FAQ

Above also includes download to the SBT of:

  • Asteroids emulator (Rev 1, Rev 2, Rev 4)
  • Asteroids Deluxe emulator
  • Lunar Lander emulator
  • Battle Zone emulator
  • Red Baron emulator
  • Tempest emulator
  • Vortex emulator
  • Space Duel emulator

Note: Directory for the emulator ROMs changed (with FW 1.16, see FAQ).

Link to 3d printable Vectrex stand (sideways), thx to KiWi: (5kB stl)

What is the VecFever – an old but still fairly current video: VecFever explained

VecFever is mainly a development tool. Originally build as a development tool for private use.

Question: Can we still buy a vecfever ? If so, where ?

My Answer:
I am very sorry – I really can’t answer that part. Only thing I know is – Thomas is still actively working on it… I don’t know if he plans to build more, or an updated version, or even only do versions for his own needs.

The use as a development tool led to following games – which are included in the above firmware:

Games on the Fever:


Head On

Robot Arena

Rocks’n Saucers

Rocks’n Saucers Deluxe
(I think I never dumped that…)

The Core

Tailgunner (emulation)

Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe/Lunar Lander (emulation):
– gif image pending –

9 thoughts on “VecFever

    1. Malban Post author

      At the time of writing, the last official released firmware is still v1.16.

      Due to a misunderstanding I had for a few days v1.17 online, but I removed it.
      I reuploaded V1.16 now.

  1. Adam Ford

    I would buy a VecFever if they become available. I am keenly interested in Vectrex game development. This would be a great tool if it was made available again for purchase.


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