(Old Vectrex doings of mine: Vectrex)

Vectrex Release

Vectrex project

Vectrex C

Homebrewers (“C” SpideX, Joustex, Reargunner,…) Manu’s old site









Cartridge reproductions (Several reproductions)

“Commercial” new hardware (Cap-Kits)

Retro Tech (Cap-Kits) (Vectrex multi card) (Joystick sticker) (Vectrex BASIC) (Controller from 3d printer) (Cartridge tray/ Overlay sleeves)) (email Sean to inquire about cartridge shells) (joystick adatper, soon PiTrex)

Non Commercial Hardware (repair instructions – German, but  many images) (PiTrex Wiki) (github Vextreme, including all you need to build)

Vectrex “geeks” (list of games) (Original Vectrex developer John Hall) (Fred Taft – original site)


ParaJVE: (Windows version of ParaJVE: ParaJVE0.7, ParaJVE0.6)






Vettore 10 (Vecx):


Vectrex Online:

Jectrex: (Java emulator for Android, did not try this one!)

InfoVectrex: (c++)

Vectrex IOS: vectrex-gameclub

Argon (Android, Vecx?):

Online (Vecx): or

RetroArch (Vecx):, check also my own libretro vectrex core: libretro-vecx

Dev-Tools and (Pascal insprired language for retro development, with IDE)


Forum!forum/ (yes, greek – use google translate 🙂 !)


“Commercial” homebrewers or (many…)  (many…) (Vectrexians, Vector Pilot, Vector Patrol) + (Logo, Starsling, Spikes Circus) (XMas, Bits ‘n’ Bytes, Galaxy Wars, Space Launcher, Nox/Deathchase)  (Debris, Shifted, Vectoblox, Colorclash, V-Hockey) (Protector/YASI) (Archived: (Big Blue) (Stramash Zone) (SpideX) (Player 2) (Soon new vectrex games) (USA Zombie Apocalypse)  (WiREOut)


Alex Nicholson:

John Dondzilla:

Kristof Tuts:

George Pelonis

Christopher Salomon:

Clay Cowgil:

Ronan Habot:

Tom Sloper:

Paul Allen Newell:

John Hall: (not an interview, but equally interesting)

Vector Republic:

Martijn Wenting

Robin Jubber (Italien use google translate)



Jay Smith of MB Microvision / GCE Vectrex Interview

Geekfest 2016
(Jay Smith; Father of the Vectrex, Gerry Karr; Vectrex System Developer Chris Romero, Vectrex Enthusiast Recorded on September 17, 2016)

Jay Smith interview about Western Technologies toy and game creation by KHJ News

Western Technologies news story by KABC Eye on L.A.

CGE 2007 – Jay Smith Vectrex – Classic Gaming Expo

Der Luchs (German)

VectrexRoli Chat: Jim Watt & Chris Malcolm, December 2014

Manu Pärssinen ja VecSports Boxing

Robin Jubber

Steve (Minsoft), the programmer of Vyrzon


Vectrex Radio in general:
Vectrex Radio Ep 8: including talk to BinaryStar

Clear Spot:
The Vectrex At 40 by Alex Fitch, featuring amongst others interviews with:
Steve Hopkins, Sean Kelly, Prof. Peer Johannsen

Sound and Vectrexians by Alex Fitch featuring amongst others interviews with: Fell (VecRibbon / Raiding Party …)

Vectrex podcast
The Retrokompott (German only) podcast had the idea to make a series about the Vectrex. With Torbens help we came together and talked about many things Vectrex (we, as in Torben, Olli and me as “experts” and Patrick as moderator). The complete session(s) were over 6 hours of unfiltered vectrex stuff. Talking about original games and hardware to homebrews and new hardware, from anecdotes and fundamental half knowledge to guesswork everything was present (not to forget the Spinner). The complete recording(s) were split into 6 parts and published between June and September 2022.

presumable “save” position

If you want to digest this – you are welcome to head ofter to the podcasts folder and search for podcasts #172 to #177.

Others unsorted links

Jeroen Domburg: Building a Portable Vectrex, The Right Way

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