My Programs

More on my Vectrex programming from old times can be found at: Vectrex oldies

More downloadable things can be found at: Additional downloads

More about unfinished tales: 2018 unfinished tales

VPong (1998)

Vectrex Frogger (1998) [not done]

Morphing [routines only, old]

Curved Lines [routines only, old]

Digitized sounds [routines only, old]

Moon Lander [mainly by Clay Cowgill, old]

Clipping [routines only, old]

Laby [unfinished, old]

3d-Routines [routines only, old]

Karl Quappe [github]

Release [link to blog]

Jumper [unfinished, example link to blog] + Link2

Vectorblade (2020)

Berzerk Ultimate [github]

Choplifter [unfinished]

Aklabeth [github]

Telengard [github]

Armor Attack revisited [external link]

WobbleTest [link to blog]

DACTest [link to blog]

LibRetro Core [enhanced core, github]