30th of January 2018 – Unfinished Tales

I am sure every programmer has these in his drawer somewhere.

Here are some of mine:


A project started after I finished VFrogger – about 20 years ago.

Supposed to be a rogue like on vectrex.


  • a smooth scrolling 3d labyrinth from ego perspective,
  • sampled sound,
  • music,
  • monsters clipped at the edge of the labyrinth,
  • a map


C-Project also about 20 years old – started – not finished. Still – it is part of Vide 2.0 C – demos.

Treasure Hunt

I did only work a couple of hours on this one – nonetheless – the source still exists and it looks kind of “exotic”. It was supposed to be “pitfall” related and uses the 3d-imager. I didn’t want to do 3d – I wanted to use the imager to do a colored game. There were no real “difficulties” – I just stopped – and never started again.


One of the newer ones. It began as a demo for C – and it probably stays that.

Three tentative “levels” were done – last of which the “canabalt” level. But I doubt I will finish this one. It was more a study what can be done in “C” – and I am very positive – that good games CAN be done programming “C”.


Another one of those “C” things that sprang to live and weren’t finished. Programming in “C” is so much faster 🙂 – you can do small demos in a couple of hours!

Dual Shooter

Poor thing – even did not get a proper name.

Up Next

There are a couple of things “open” that I should do next – but I am kind of worn out. I am atm sick at home and not actually to inspired to do work – or hobby stuff.

Following things which are still unfinished (or not even started) – but which are planned for the next couple of (weeks/months?):

  • Vectrex Project
  • Arkos Tracker 2 player AKY, others might follow
  • V4E “loading” for Vide
  • 16K new Bankswitching scheme (VecFever)
  • enhance Vecx emulation to do more “capacitorial” stuff
  • enhance debugging (yes – still more can be done, persistent breakpoints, vcd support, cycle based watches…)
  • finalize Vide 2.0 (with or without above stuff)
  • bring documentation up to date
  • build a mega vectrex with the arcade monitor I got
  • dig deeper into VPatrol – who knows what else is in there to learn :-9
  • and so on…

But now? Now I am going to reboot my Mac to Windows 7 (*shudder*) and take a stroll in Skyrim – still love that game.

And if anyone is interested – the best Video on you tube for that matter:



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One thought on “30th of January 2018 – Unfinished Tales

  1. Phillip Eaton

    My previous unfinished games… There’s only two, a crazy balloon inspired Horace game on the C64 in assembly from 1985 whilst at school. The 2nd I worked on whilst stuck in the desert on a project for a few months in about 2000, I ported much of a centipede emulator written in c to Forth. I got all the 6502 emulator working, and some of the circuit, but never finished it…one day.

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