Diary of V. Tiberius Rex

Stardate 1513

Today I visited the spaceport in Galacto-City and caught a glimpse of my new spaceship – Vectorblade.
It’s beautiful, the typical triangular shape glancing on the manufacturing fields. The hull is not completed yet, but one could already discern the distinctive arrow shape. The mounting rigs for the weaponry are in place, awaiting the installments of whatever weaponry I deem necessary to blast the bugs away.

Year 2369

A huge battle on bug planet K.

‘Lost some good comrades today, I wish I could have been there. But I must keep training for my new ship. Mastering the Vectorblade will be better for us all in the long run. ‘Wish Dizzy was here though…

Stardate – doesn’t matter – they are HERE!

Bugs are invading our system! Wave after wave they are coming.

My training is not complete yet – but it must suffice. The Vectorblade can fly, and basic weaponry is installed.

Better fight with a “sting” than not to fight at all. Rumors have it, the bugs are stealing our technology – don’t know what they want to do with it – can they read? Can they in any way make use of the stuff they rob? Never seen a bug using mechanical/electronical implements of any kind. I hate them!

But perhaps I can retrieve some of the stolen goods and use it for my own advantage.

Stardate – some days further on

In the wreckage of a wessel I found a strange device. I have never seen such a thing before. I will send it over to the labs – perhaps our scientists can make something out of it…

… they want to test it out… they installed it on my ship and told me to press a newly installed button, once an enemy dares to come closer to my ship. I wonder what will happen if I DO press it…


Stardate – still some days further on

They keep coming. Relentlessly. After clearing one wave – soon the next will follow. Usually more cunning, or bigger, or more heavily armored. I even have seen big bugs, spitting out what appear to be “guiding missiles” how is that possible? How can a bug spit out something that follows me!

Stardate 1512

Holy moly! Did you see that bug? Must have been a queen of sorts – that was one big fat alien!

And it had swarms of nasty little buggers around it. Seemed like they couldn’t be decimated… Always spawning more and more like they were protecting the big one with their lives alone.

Luckily I had my weaponry upgraded just in time. So eventually I blasted a way thru the myriads of insects and landed a killing blow on that queen.

Good lord – it’s over! We won!


They dug to deep and awoke something ancient and evil.

We have all heard it, echoing in our minds. First there was only the slightest whisper. But now we cannot pretend to not hear it any longer. It constantly reminds us of its evil presence with its ghostly mind whisper:



They appeared out of nowhere. Mechanical drones. Mining resources wherever they could – stealing from our colonies. Ripping apart our cities to gather materials.

We all know what they strive to achieve – they want to rebuild their master.

For now he haunts us in spirit alone – yes we know “YOU LIVE” – but we also know he is aching to attack us in corporal form.

It must be stopped!


I am no COWARD! I will not RUN! – and certainly I will not RUN! RUN! RUN!


Our troops are somewhat demoralized. That constant whisper is dissolving our spirits. Even I am prone to it.

While my concentration was wavering, the attacking drones had me cornered, I shot most of them – but those nasty mechanical beings released deadly cargo after being hit. I barely got away using my escape pod – but my good ship Vectorblade was destroyed.

My seniors weren’t too pleased. Nonetheless after my time in the healing pod, I was immediately transferred to a new ship. I named it Vectorblade – after the ship that served my so well. Only thing is – its equipment is not the same. It feels like a downgrade. Great – exactly what I need – fight on with a downgraded ship!


I was the last of us. And I survived.

The final fight with that sinister robotic entity is over. My comrades are dead, killed by drones – but I got through the defenses and saw it. Huge like a star, a demonic, mechanical monstrosity. A face with fangs larger than my ship, ready to tear everything apart.

13 layers of shields protecting it, the fight lasted for ages, but he could not reach me – still, its mental attacks nearly made me give up. Layer after layer I pulled down its shields, exposing every weakness however carefully hidden by the fiend.

One final shot – hitting the exact right spot, and an explosion so vast it could be seen lightyears away.

We prevailed – now it is time to: heal the world and make it a better place

Time passes. Nothing noteworthy to tell about


In a galaxy far far away…

… our scouts made contact with an alien species. They appear to be friendly. Great to finally discover a civilization that deserves that description.


Ugh, the peoples of GFFA are governed by an empire. It seems the empire is not as friendly as our first contact made us believe. There is an invasion force under way – here we go again, time to remove the dust from my trusty old Vectorblade.

1.5 BBY

I think I have a deja vu, wave after wave I am battling evil aliens. Will it never end? Yes – this time the “aliens” are no insects but humanoids – but that being said, they might as well be bugs…


The aliens developed shielding devices which we cannot penetrate. We are lucky that only very few ships seem to have this new defense, otherwise we would have been overrun by the last wave. Also it seems shielding ships are single purpose devices. That is good, I can’t imagine how devastating they’d be if they also were equipped with advanced weaponry.

0.5 BBY

Major technology breakthrough! Our engineers learned the secret technology “super bomb” (and more importantly also discovered ways how to protect ourselves against the effect).

After triggering a super bomb, all enemy vessels, all shots and missiles in the quadrant are sucked into hyperspace and thus destroyed. Yeah!

But nay… we can only build those bombs after collecting “velo inhibitor dust”. Hm – ok, still nice but I wish there was an easier way.


Rumor has it, that in GFFA a battle occurred, where a small man made moon threatened to destroy a whole planet with its inbuilt war machinery.

I believe that rumor.

In fact, I know it to be true!

I have battled such a thing myself, it was here – in our system. What seemed like a small moon, was a grotesquely large spaceship. What seemed to be a crater from a meteoroid impact was in fact a gigantic beam weapon able to destroy everything, be it ships, asteroids or even planets.

It was not I who destroyed it. My good friend Hatch did it. He flew into the trench and was able to drop a bomb into the giants innards which made it explode from the inside.

But I distracted them, I fought that nasty black Pie Fighter and enabled Hatch to do his deed.


The empire offered a truce. It seems they have enough to do with their inner empire politics (rumors of a rebellion are heard). The loss of two of their major battle stations might also have something to do with their peaceful demeanor.

Peaceful times…


We explore our galaxy and boldly go where no man has gone before.

No man, no – but other beings have gone there before (or flew there). We made contact with many different races. Some of them peaceful – some of them, well, less peaceful.


It seems some of the “less peaceful” peoples have joined forces and prepare to do war upon us.

An unlikely alliance has been formed of the Warriors, Traders, Speakers and the Stuckup. Their combined fleets are en route.


And again, this is a deja vu of a deja vu (is that a deja deja vu? Or a deja^2 vu?).

Fighting wave after wave again – the battle is getting harder. Never thought I’d say it, but I wish I was (just) battling bugs again.


To refuel we docked to Deep Space Station K7. That nearly proved to be fatal – on 81 we were fighting a private war against unwanted guests – gee – good that I am patient otherwise we could have died then and there.


The enemies are getting more formidable by the hour. Swarms of big ships are exiting hyperspace during battle and engaging at once, shooting deadly missiles at us that we barely can dodge. As soon as we manage to destroy one of these battleships – the next one arrives.

If that weren’t enough we get “visitors” now and then, which are nearly invincible. Gigantic alien creatures shooting at us with deadly salves of laser – just because they can!

I tell you – the universe is not as peaceful as it used to be. Honestly.


We finally discovered the reason why so unlikely allies banded together and attack us.

They are no ALLIES in the sense of the word – they were forged together by an as yet unknown entity!

They seem to have been robbed of their individuality and act as a member of a hive mind. There is an alien mastermind out there. Somewhere. Adding peoples to his cause. What a horrifying prospect. That mastermind wants to “collect” our people to! We have to stop them, it … whatever!

It calls himself “Barg” – whatever that may mean.

This time WE do war! This time WE attack!

Barg – we are coming. We will dissimilate you!

And then there will be peace.


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  1. Peer

    Thanks, that was a nice read. And it was lots of fun spotting the hidden references. Will there be more diary entries? Or probably enhancements of existing entries, shedding more light on the background story?

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