Clean Sweep

What 80’s console would be complete without a Pac-man clone. Cleansweep was designed by Jeff Corsiglia in 1982 and coded by Richard ‘the mouse’ Moszkowski who sadly died by his own hand in October 1995. Cleansweep is a good Pac-man clone with enough differences to set it apart from the original to sustain it’s goodness and worth.

Cleansweep was used as an advertisement promotion for a shop called ‘Mr. Boston’ and only a few of these rare games exist which are identical to Cleansweep but the box has a Mr. Boston sticker and the overlay has the Mr. Boston name and logo on it. One of these rarities is owned by Chris Romero who often posts at the Vectrex news group, RGV.

Cleansweep centres around a bank which has been blown up by bank robbers and they have left money strewn everywhere around the bank and it is your job, as the bank manager, to gather all the cash up. The player pilots a vacuum cleaner which holds a limited amount of money, the money being similar to the dots in Pac-man, and must be emptied from time-to-time. The vacuum can be emptied by depositing the money and entering the vault located in the centre of the screen.

Special rooms are located in each corner of the bank maze and when entered the vacuum will be ‘supercharged’ and will have the ability to destroy the robbers. Once you have visited each special room once the door to it will be permanently closed until the next level. This adds up to 4 opportunities to intercept the enemy on each level. Cleansweep is fun and addictive and can be picked up easily on ebay usually for about $25.U.S

Score 6.5/10

Review written by Daniel Foot

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