I need money, and my interest in Vectrex is dwindling (for the time being).

In case you are “horrified” by the prices – me too – but in most cases that is about what I paid.

Despite what other people think, I am not doing this for a profit.

Vectorblade should have given me a clue.

There is no “right way” to sell something within the Vectrex community when there is limited supply.

  • Chosing “randomly” annoys the “first” people, and all people that are not randomly determined.
  • Chosing “first come first serve” annoys all late comers.
  • Chosing a “bid” system, annoys most bidders:
    * because they have to bid
    “Why do I have to bid?”, “You are just greedy…”, “If I have to bid, I don’t want it anymore…”,
    “You know me – therefor I am entitled before all others.”,
    “If I do not get that item, I will withdraw my other bid…”
    * one must wait for the result
  • Chosing people one knows and had dealings with before annoys again all other people.

The only thing that “might” work, is to sell stuff privately without anyone knowing – but there is a catch. If people don’t know you are selling – how do you get people to buy?

You know what – now I am annoyed, since I clearly can’t please everyone – I should please one person. ME!

New rules:

  • the price on these pages is fix – I might change them in the future, but then they will be fixed again – don’t make an offer!
  • items are sold to the first person that EMAILS me (no facebook anymore) to VIDE at MALBAN dot DE, with a message what they wish to buy (at the given price)
  • be prepared to pay either via PayPal or bank transfer
  • give me your complete address information
  • shiping costs will be added to the price!

The ongoing sales “will go on” according to the old rules.
Once they are dealt with I will put up other items for sale.