11th of April, VF+IRQLine

Just a short information entry – yesterday my development life regarding Vectorblade made a big step towards being easier for me.

Again I have to thank Thomas for that. What you see above is a VecFever with one handwire connecting the IRQ-line of the cartridge port to an IO pin of the ARM.

With the correct firmware update (starting with v1.18) the IRQ-Line can be configured to act as address line A17 from the Vectrex (see: old blog entry).

What it boils down to is, that I can now use the VecFever again as my development tool of choice and I can test all Vectorblade doings of mine again directly on my Vectrex (from Vide with serial connection) without having to flash every other minute. VecFever thus supports carts using 4*48k banks with PB6 + IRQ bankswitching.


3 thoughts on “11th of April, VF+IRQLine

    1. Malban Post author

      Yes – here on the VecFever page/link from there.
      The mentioned v1.18 is a beta you won’t find there yet though. The last public version is atm v1.16.

  1. nic_lobo

    thanks for the Info. I’ve got the Vecfever version with the black cnc shell and the glued LED. Think wil will not dare to tear it apart.

    >>” here on the VecFever page/link from there.”
    the Vecfever Link vanished …

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