19th March 2020 – New stuff…

Vectrex collection update… some new stuff arrived (over the last months) – not so many words… only some images.

I have not decided yet – what I will insert in that “One Of” cartridge.

VecVox with speaker… (ebay)
Chimney Hunt (“normal” version)
Chimney Hunt (“Christmas” Version)

And lastly…

Like I did with Karl Quappe – I plan to do 5 special editions of Vectorblade. All “receivers” are already selected… people who helped bringing Vectorblade to life.

Following special cartridges anodized aluminuim…

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9 thoughts on “19th March 2020 – New stuff…

  1. Phillip Eaton

    I thought you were giving up buying everything new! Actually, you haven’t, there’s a tonne of other new stuff out there, great times for the Vectrex community 🙂

  2. Peer

    Very nice additions to your collection. Interesting book. I hadn’t been aware of that title, but it seems to be very expensive. Please let me know if it is worth it once you have read it.


  3. Ross Burnett

    That’s a fantastic haul of Vectrex related presents. Need to check out that book, that’s new to me. Looking forward to VectorBlade! Regards,

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