22nd of November 2019 – Gyrocks & Vide…

On facebook and some other media, there lately is some new talk about vector stuff.

Be it the “old” V.st stuff (or new versions thereof) or possibly the even older ZVG (Zektor) card or the brand new, not available yet USB-DVG (something like the ZVG but for USB) built by Fred Konopaska, see Facebook.

Anyways, they dug out a vectorgame called Gyrocks (see: github),
“A Vector Game For Oscilloscopes”.

At first I tought… what that might look like on a Vectrex. It is written in “C”, so I thought – well perhaps I can “just” compile it…

Some time later, I gave up. I got it running, yes – but the 16bit math, the translocation for different coordinates and scales etc… one frame updated in a little under a second :-)… so it was not really worth while to pursue any further.

What I probably do though is to make a version for the PiTrex – when I finally take the time again. My guess is, that it should work rather well with that.

Over the last couple months I updated Vide in small parts (though no new version is available yet). Amongst others I updated veccy to be able to import a larger range of text based vectorlists. So finally vecci is now able to import “synced” lists (which are produced by Vide).

With the “Gyrocks” gambling I added two other imports… since the objects in Gyrocks are given in an entirely different format.

The usual (Vectrex) vectorlists are relative point connections, like a DrawVLc list:

 DB +$0D ; number of lines to draw
 DB +$02, -$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB +$01, +$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB +$01, +$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB -$01, +$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB -$01, +$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB -$02, -$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB -$01, +$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB -$02, +$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB -$02, -$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB -$01, -$02 ; draw to y, x
 DB +$01, -$02 ; draw to y, x
 DB +$02, -$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB +$02, +$01 ; draw to y, x
 DB +$01, +$01 ; draw to y, x

The Gyrocks lists are absolut points that are connected, and a certain indicator whether the connection is a “move”.

{ 19,       // Meteor1 13 [count of vectors]
   { -5, 0, // absolut coordinates withing this list
    -6, -2,
    -5, -6,
    0, -5,
    7, -6,
    5, 0,
    9, 3,
    4, 8,
    -1, 9,
    -6, 6,
    -5, 0,
    -127, -127, // sign, that the next vector is a move
    0, 4,
    -1, 6,
    -2, 4,
    -127, -127,
    0, -3,
    4, -3,
    2, 0,},

Strangely enough even within Gyrocks two kinds of vectorlists are present. The used “Hershley” font is done in yet another form… But I can import that now as well… It is really a very beautiful vector font… but due to its many vectors for “normal” stuff nearly unusable:

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