24th of Juli – I can’t concentrate!!!

I have so much in my head right now.
(Work, severe weather and its consequences, sick mother and so on…)

I sent about 40 V1.12 Vectorblades on its way – and the first are arriving.

And they are WRONG!

I am sorry – I will send a new batch – when I am sure everything is alright again.

In principle this is the correct VERSION, but during the compile I had the “test flag” enabled – so the cartridge now has my personal “TEST-Version” on it. Starting on Level 3, having some better shots, 50000 start money… and so on :-).

For a “good” play – virtually useless.

As said, I will send you all a new, correctly compiled version. If you want to do me a favor – you can send the “wrong” version back, shouldn’t be to expensive. If I can get enough back, it ensures that everyone of my customers can eventually get a correct version.

Thank you!


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6 thoughts on “24th of Juli – I can’t concentrate!!!

  1. Christoph

    Ah man, sorry to hear that! That sucks, no better way to say it 🙁
    Practicing Vectorblade on the Pitrex currently and looking forward to buying the cartridge once you have a fixed version ready

  2. Arthur

    Can you please email me the address to return my cart to? Happy to return this weekend, and for the brief time I had it it was a pleasure.

    You are doing the community a real service Sir!

  3. Shaun Stephenson

    Got my copy a couple days ago – didnt test it but happy to return for a new copy – will see if I have your address somewhere but if you can email it to me that would help. Thanks and sorry to hear of your personal issues.

  4. Oli

    Must have missed this, wondered why you sent 2! Do still require the other one returning?

    Thank you for the excellent customer service ensuring we all have a good experience with the game.


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