5th of January 2020 Berzerk – again

After a short end of the year holiday trip – today I did my finalizing touches to Berzerk Ultimate (see: Berzerk and Berzerk II).

I include links to the RC version below. If I don’t hear from any bugs within a month or so I will declare these versions final.

I am not 100% sure Berzerk Ultimate is bug free, I think I remember that once I could shoot thru walls. And Thomas said that he had a shot go thru the player. I never “discovered” these bugs, although I was looking/searching for them. I did some code changes afterwards and they might or might not be gone. But having played quite a lot of games recently – I have not found anything wrong… perhaps you will? (Please give feedback if so).

Binary version, that does NOT save highscore (playable on devices like VecMulti / VecFlash):

Binary version, that saves highscore to VecFever or an eeprom (DS2431):

I’ll add the source code when the RC period is finished – and/or include it with the next Vide version.

A short “live” video:

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15 thoughts on “5th of January 2020 Berzerk – again

  1. chopperthedog

    Fantastic stuff!! The game is way harder without the cpu slow downs and such. Can’t even come close to my scores that I’ve had playing the GCE version. In my hours of play I did encounter the shot going through the player a couple times. It seemed that both times it happened I was making a move to avoid shot at the same time it was hitting me, also both times it was through the back of the player while trying to run away. High scores and other operations on vecfever are great.

      1. Malban Post author

        I am just looking at the Berzerk collision detection.

        In my version (as in the vectrex original) – collision with shots below the waist are not detected.

        Just to be on the save side – you ment “body shots” are not detected – not “leg shots” (these are not detected).

  2. VectrexMad!

    Nice! you’ve breathed new life into this old game! Thank you. What’s your highest score you got so far? it’s definitely more difficult than the original Vectrex game – but I like it!

  3. Chris Parsons

    Oooh, running on a Vextreme, using a VecVoxX, crashed with an endless beep noise on second screen… appreciate is a fairly unlikely HW combo at the minute!

  4. Chris Parsons

    Plays so well, I played the original again to test the Vextreme bug (and it does happen in original too) and it feels unplayable now… sooooo slooooow!

  5. Phillip Eaton

    Is the source code available yet? I’m playing the VF RC1 code with my recently received AtariVox and I can’t work out what some of the speech callouts are saying, hopefully it’s written in the source code.

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