8th of September – Yeah!

Some great news!

I have been in contact with EMV Software – the company responsible for the game WARBLADE – and they gave their ok for my Vectorblade. So I have at least a word of consent of them to use Edgars ideas and implement them in Vectorblade.

This is great!

Also I finished the majority of stuff I wanted to implement for the game.

Left to do is fine tuning – and everything that has to do with “finishing” touches (highscore editing, options, achievments “secrets” etc etc.) It will still be quite some time till the product is finished… but I’m not only confident – I am certain to pull it all off!

Below you will find a link to a new Youtube video I did today, it features a play through of the first 80 levels, with quite a lot of “new” stuff. At the end the battery of my camera gave up so the end is rather abrupt (in a minestorm).

For more information about vectorblade be sure to vist http://vide.malban.de/vectorblade, I will probably update those pages once in a while.

Also – in the foreseeable future I will need some beta testers.
If you feel like you are willing to test – give me a shout out.

For beta testers I expect people who really would like to play the game. It would be nice if you could play “at least” thru level easy (100 levels) and well into the “normal” mode.
One such a game would last for about 30-45 minutes – but would probably also need some training.

You would be given “spoilers” as the “secrets” also have to be tested.
I can only afford about 3 such testers, as you would need prototype cartridges – there is no other way, since the 192kB cartridges are as of now “unique”. You can play such a game on Vide and on the real thing via cartridge.

This is no first come first serve – I will simply decide.
And this is probably a couple of weeks or months in the future. But if interested – you might already “think about it” :-).






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7 thoughts on “8th of September – Yeah!

  1. Sean McClure

    I would love to help beta test the game. Out of curiosity, you mentioned it was a high cost for the carts and I was curious what that is? Iā€™m 45 and live in Dallas, TX. Iā€™m a stay at home dad with two daughters and will be working for a German game publisher for the Switch/PS4 in the near future. Thanks for your time!

  2. Mayhem

    Looking even better! Would love to help play test. Especially as one of my Vectrex is a bit obstinate, if the game works on that, it should work on any unit šŸ˜‰

  3. Nicolas Wolf

    I’d love to beta test this great game. I have 3 vectri to test (1 Euro no-buzz 7ADB and 2 B796).
    Be shure that I’d invest a lot of time in serious testing

  4. Phillip Eaton

    Great to hear you got your “approval” from EMV. I read a little about Edgar’s creations and his story and it’s nice to read about indy developer doing something that the community appreciated. But such a sad tale as well.

    I’d love to test your VB out, now I understand how Warblade works, but I’m not a great player, it’d probably take me forever to get to 100 levels!

    I guess play testing always has to be on the physical console with the physical controller? I’m not sure my button 4 could handle 100 levels šŸ™‚

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