Baremetal display is solid


Today I implemented the first stages of preprocessing.
The result is actually (like Kevin suggested) a linked list – which than can be „worked” thru by the „refresher”.
There are not all optimizations realized yet. I started on possible hints from the emulators – but not finished – so none of them are working yet.
If the display is configured correctly (on all of my Vectrex) – the display is ROCK SOLID (as long as emulation is speedy enough).
On my Vectri anyway…
A proof Video can be seen at:

I actually think the „SIM” package has still some emulation bugs…

I will not „soon” look at any of the inner workings of emulators.

I will finish the pipeline stuff, enable Raspbian compilation… and probably go for another Vectorblade „hiatus”. Today arrived the Vectorblade boxes… I really have to finish that…
But… I think – the display has never been as good as now!

Riddle me this!
I have made no “use” of the following – but during my endeavours I encountered something amazingly surpising, watch this:

The display is “SOLID”.

The Surprising thing is – 341 vectors are displayed – there no NO NO!!! ZeroRef while displaying.

I have no clue, why the display is stable… might it be because most vectors are 90° or what?

If anyone has a clue – please comment…

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