Baremetal – new emulations

Connect a serial USB adapter to Mini UART on Pi Zero:
(115200 8n1)

got Battle zone running!
It’s still a weeny bit slow – and I can see some more problems with the „vectrex API”…Some changes must be done soon to enhance the output…

But we are getting „better” every day :-).

SBT runnable (but a bit glitchy):

  • Battle Zone
  • Gravitar
  • Space Duel

I’ll stop now on new projects and will try to enhance what we got:

a) some sound to tail gunner
b) vectrex API … there are still things a bit „bad“
c) special emulator SBT support
(like giving hints to when what to expect… sorting vectors etc)

If there are any sources to the currently supported SBTs (documented?) that would help.

The vectrex direct glitch reported this morning („unsteady“ writes to VIA) still is a thing… haven’t looked further into it. The current emulation speed of the Pi zero is about 160% without „via access“.
Each VIA access lasts (on the vectrex side) at least 4 cycles, but also within 6 cycles there can be both a read and a write.
I think the emulation is not fast enough to securely wait for a defined time before VIA access… but I have not tried anything out yet. Any more suggestions helps welcome…

The archive contains a directory „to_baremetal“, the contents can be copied completely to a baremetal and you are set to go.
There is a new directory „roms“ – which contains roms for the SBTs. These will be loaded by the emulators and are important!

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