Malban – Vide diary – 7th of August 2016

Just another small update…

I am happy to announce, that the “Microchip 11AA010” emulation seems to be working alright!

I just played a game of VectorPilot, saved my highscore of whooping 15000 and loaded it again with my next instance:



Some other small updates which I intended to do for quite some time:

  • added a display for the current speed of emulation (see the little “0” in the above screenshot after the “file open” – thats the current speed – in pause mode is 0)
  • also added an option whether to limit (haha!) speed to 100% – or not. The two major speed killers are atm “glow” and “ringbuffer active”, if I switch those two to off, I get speeds above 200% on my 2011 iMac.
  • also added an “injection”- mode to vedi. What is that?
    In vedi you now have an option to run the assembler (with changes you should have made) and apply the new assembled bin file to a currently running vecxi instance. Vecxi is not reset while doing this, you just “change” the cartridge ROM while running. You can thus experiment with changes to your bin file on the fly without losing RAM data, PC address or breakpoints.
    (you were able to do single byte changes befor using the “poke” command line – but this enhances possible debugging)
  • Added a “vector count” display to the vinfi window (displaying how many vectors are currently drawn in one update round).
    This is related to the display routine though – which means patterned vectors are not counted as one vector, but are counted by how many times the light is switched on or off – this will NOT be fixed – this is a feature not a bug :-)!

Now – I am thinking about doing some imager stuff…




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