Unreasonable person…

Today a rather strange thing happened…
Looking from the outside it might even be seen as funny.

A few days ago I enquired from a “fellow”-vectrex developer whether one of his games was available for purchase.

A received a short reply:

"Thank you for your interest. The homepage clearly states when the 
game will be available. Once available, a payment button will 
appear with pricing."

I am not a native English speaker, but my impression was that the answer was rather snippy.

I pondered a bit with myself whether I should reply – or just sit still and wait. But after inspecting the homepage of the said game again, I wrote back with some comments about the homepage and suggestions, that it might not really be so clearly (in the sense of obviously) stated.

I included some – what I thought – reasonable examples (like tiny letters at the very bottom of a scrollable page stating the order date, when the whole page is built in screaming large red letters).

I can honestly say that my intentions were not evil, ill mannered or (IMHO) agressively formulated.
(again – not being a native english speaker that might be a misconception on my part)

I did – as examples – copy and paste some of the html code of the said homepage into my email, which might come across as agressive and “screaming” (since there were indeed large red letters amongs them).

About an hour later I received another email:

Your reaction to that email makes you seem like an unreasonable 
person. I am refusing to do business with you henceforth. 
Do not contact me again.

With it came the cancelation of an (already accepted) order I had placed a few days ago.
After pondering a little about the answer I did try to contact one last time, as a “soothing” (ok, a tiny little soothing only…) gesture and to acknowledge his wishes:

Now THAT is what I'd call an unreasonable reaction! My eMail was 
ment as constructive criticism. 
I explained the reasoning behind my opinion with examples, 
I was not attacking you on a personal 
level in any way - at least not intentionally.
If I hurt your feelings in any way I can only say I am sorry, 
I did not mean to.

But since we both obviously don't get along well I will certainly 
respect your wish, and will not contact you again.

If the big letters in my last mail seemed like 
"screaming" or "causing havoc" 
that is only because they were copy/pasted directly 
from your site.

But the eMail never reached its goal, since I am now on an ignore list of that said person. Ok – sure there are a couple of other email addresses I have, that I could use, but why pour more oil in the fire?

Anyway – “fellow”-vectrex developer… if you ever read this, know that my intention was not to hurt your feelings in any way, try to relax a bit more and not to react to (what was ment as constructive) criticism with such fury!

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