Vide does not run (well) on Mac with OS Ventura!

I am sad to inform you, that Vide does as of now not work as intended under MAC OS – Ventura.

This is a combination of different facts that come together:

a) with the latest OS Release, Mac OS forbidds a fundamental function from JOGL, the underlying openGL grafics library I use for emulation output.

b) a newer JOGL version could solve this – but this requires at least JAVA version 11 – I use JAVA Version 8.

c) the only Mac I have access to is a 2011 iMac – which supports MAC OS only up to version High Sierra (10.13.6)

d) I can not change from version Java 8 to a higher version, since Java 11 requires a version of Mac OS at least version 11.

My main development system now is Windows 10 – with Java being so co dependened on specific Java versions and operating system (versions) the whole point of java is IMHO screwed.

See Download page – I added a “somewhat” workable version for Ventura (JOGL disabled).

One thought on “Vide does not run (well) on Mac with OS Ventura!

  1. David Yammouni

    Hey Malban,

    Thanks for the update about Ventura. I think there might be something that can help you out regarding the age of your machine & it not being able to run the latest macOS. Have you heard of the Opencore Legacy Patcher? It’s fantastic & allows you to patch older Apple hardware to run later versions of macOS. You can find out more at:

    I recently purchased a second hand, 2010 11″ MacBook Air for $90 AUD, patched it using the Opencore Legacy Patcher & it runs surprisingly well. The software is easy to use & turns older Mac hardware into usable machines again. Might be worth a look if you’re interested, at the very least, in getting your older hardware running a later version of macOS. Hope this helps.



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