10 minutes of continuing…


Just a small progress report on the happenings around the new Frogger version.

Nearly there!

I guess I will do some small fixings, optimizations and possibly beautifying – but all in all there is a feature freeze. Following stuff changed from the original (vectrex frogger):

  • cars and frogger viewed from above
  • smoother vectors
  • score, level and life is displayed while playing
  • play area broadened a bit
  • more original sounds/music
  • options for 1 and 2 player game
  • in one player mode option for training mode (continue enabled)
  • option for music on/off
  • 5 Highscore places saved to DS2431 eEprom
  • new title screen
  • attract mode

Following stuff was removed:

  • intermissions
  • pause mode

I am still in conflict with myself whether I should change the levels to be more “orginal” – in the original aracde frogger, two of the neighboring water lanes moved in the same directions – which I do not take into account yet. Thus the lanes above that quite feel different.

Anyways short talk… Here a 10 minute video of the current version:



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