Frogger no more!

I stopped working on the source and I also decided there will be no new version of Vectrex Frogger.

Due to several circumstances which will be explained further below, Vectrex Frogger is dead and the only version available will be the one I did 18 years ago.

Why will I not work on it anymore?

  • It’s finished!
    Apart from possible bug fixes.

Why will there be no New Frogger version?

  • Because I decided to rename it.
    I know Frogger is a popular name – but lets be honest – no mere vectrex game can do the original honor.
    And while the game I have been working on is somewhat inspired by Frogger – it certainly is a different game! Therefor I decided to change the working title to the final name:

You probably will not recognize that name, but in the early nineties I did a DOS game by exactly that name.
(see: Karl Quappe – DOS, there also is an older homepage: Karl Quappe – AOL)

For all you non German readers, the same info as on the AOL page above about the name:

‘KAULQUAPPE’ translates to ‘tadpole’, ‘QUAPPE’ then is a shortcut of tadpole, and KARL is just a name that is similar to ‘KAUL’ (stylistic device: “homophone”). So if you want to translate it to, for example English, you might get something like ‘CHARLES POLE’ (Charles being the English version of Karl) or PegTedpole (‘Ted’ being a name which sounds similar (sort of) to ‘tad’…).

Following another short video, nothing much changed, just some few polishings. I let the game run itself – didn’t touch a button, the gameplay you see is the “attract mode”.





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7 thoughts on “Frogger no more!

    1. Malban Post author

      I will build (with the help of Thomas) a couple of cartridges for private use – these will not be sold (call it a very limited edition).
      Once these have been built, tested and “given away” – I will release Karl Quappe into the wild – meaning as with its predecessor it will be public domain.

      The source code and the binary will be freely available.
      If other people would like to build a cartridge – or make otherwise use of it – they are welcome to do so
      (Luchs/Madtronix/Packrat – or diverse multicard manifacturers).

      It might be a couple of weeks or even months (sadly) till the “manufacturing” is done though.


  1. Vectrexer

    Perhaps add a tadpole into the game as a variation? Quappe after all… 🙂

    Nice attract mode. I think this will have to be shown in the local coffee place I take my one of my Vectrex to for public enjoyment.

  2. Cuthbert

    This is so old but Tad is a relatively common English name in America. I have several friends named Tad. So in your example Tad Pole works by itself!

    Remember the game James Pond? heheh


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