20th of February 2022 Telengard(5) – Vectors

#define GNOLL 0
#define KOBOLD 1
#define SKELETON 2
#define HOBBIT 3
#define ZOMBIE 4
#define ORC 5
#define FIGHTER 6
#define MUMMY 7
#define ELF 8
#define GHOUL 9
#define DWARF 10
#define TROLL 11
#define WRAITH 12
#define OGRE 13
#define MINOTAUR 14
#define GIANT 15
#define SPECTER 16
#define VAMPIRE 17
#define DEMON 18
#define DRAGON  19
My Vector interpretation…

The originals…

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5 thoughts on “20th of February 2022 Telengard(5) – Vectors

  1. Peer

    Nice!!! Just showed the video to my kids. They absolutely loved all the characters. They now want a kid’s game with all of them. Can you do a “Telengard Junior” spin-off version? 😉

      1. Peer

        I was not being serious. Rather (literally) kidding 😉 Me and the kids were really enthusiastic about the look of the characters, and they wanted to play the game right away. I had to tell them that it is still in the making and that it will probably be a bit too complicated for them. And they went “Oh, he (i.e. you) should make a game for us!”

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