20th February 2022 Telengard(6) Display limits

This is the current display limit with Telengard – I am at 29356 cycles.
I would have loved to do a fourth status line (as original) – but with all the possible rest that is going on.
– light spell (questionmark in rooms)
– an attack by a high lines sprite (demon)
– the dungeon with room walls/doors printed
– 3 (of possible 10 different) status icons at the top
– 3 (of possible 20) monsters on the stack (following you)
– three status test lines
– and of course the main character…

Not much more can be drawn – the whole thing is already pretty optimized. I assume I could display about 2000 cycles more… a few icons… that is all.
Anyway this must suffice – I can’t get more out of it…

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