22nd of June – Vectorblade adds Minestorm

After a little hiatus (holidays, PS4 and other games) – I started with Vectorblade again, and reached internaly a stable alpha 3.

To celebrate that I did another short video – this time a complete playthru…



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5 thoughts on “22nd of June – Vectorblade adds Minestorm

  1. Phillip Eaton

    Gameplay starting the look really polished now. I like the new curvy explosions. I find it quite amazing that so many vectors can be moved and hit-tracked on the screen at once without slowdown. It’s the first Vectrex bullet hell!

  2. Alan

    Once again, I am ever impressed with your development on this game! I love the new weapons and how you implement them into the gameplay. Very original new way for enemy explosions and if it saves memory, why not as they look cool. Love the new enemies and random flight formations thoughout making it very unpredictable at times. Plus the Minestorm asteroid field Bonus wave! Genius work to say the least.

  3. Chris Parsons

    This is looking so good, really, really professional game quality and an original title… I properly laughed out loud when you finally killed the frustrating bug early in the video.

    I too like the explosions and the Minestorm idea is great to save you memory, good thinking!

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