23rd of September doing nonsense…

For some reason or another I needed a change.

The last 3 days I didn’t do anything C related – but something that can easily be recognized :-).

I set down and configured my own new LAF – and the few things that were missing here and there – I added. Above you can see a “desktop” running the new LAF.

I might still find some things here and there – but overall – it is done!

A few more images…

Vecci running in base14 version (above is 12 – this is the base size of the font I use).

And a Vedi running in base 16:

Further more I updated the config save routines – so that I probably do not have to do the same configs over and over again.

And – I added (something I wanted to do for quite some time) – first steps for command line options.


I also – while doing the screenshots discovered two recently introduced bugs – will hunt them down tomorrow…



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