27th of April – BEAUTIFUL!


You know what that is?

Its a brass image of Karl Quappe! Used to emboss an image on cardboard.

Today was the day that FINALY some actual boxes arrived. You may remember that I wanted to do two different sets of boxes. The one already seen on Facebook – that one hasn’t arrived yet – otherwise I would also have posted some fresh images.

But today I got hold of the deluxe version. Five handmade boxes, in rememberence of the Protector boxes done by Alex Herbert.

Five absolutly unique boxes – enjoy the images!

Each one will come with a cartridge of the color matching the boxes. Instruction manual and overlay (which I also have not gotten yet).

And before anyone asks – I have NOT decided what to do with these boxes. Only two things are set:

a) I will keep one box for myself

b) if Helmut Müller organizes another “Vector Wars” this year – one of them will be a price or special price!




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5 thoughts on “27th of April – BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Vectrexer

    Oh Yum! As a set I think this Karl Quappe! set is at the top with the other great titles as having the most distinctive and cool packaging to date. The game is also looking great.

  2. Michael

    I would love to get one of your boxed versions – I’d gladly pay for a boxed game. FYI I work at Konami so it’s got some extra sentimental value to me.
    Please let me know if possible- no worries either way.

    1. Malban Post author

      sorry I don’t sell “hardware” (or software versions for that matter) of Karl Quappe. Once I release the ROM as public domain – I am sure someone will do a release on card though.


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