3rd of Mai 2017 Vide 1.14

I just uploaded the “monthly” Vide update. We are now at version 1.14.

Following things were added/changed:

Version 1.14
– vecxi: finally added configuration to size the ringbuffer, user can give ANY (up to 50000) size, may result in OOM exception though,
user must know self how much memory he has available
– dissi: step forward and backward can step multiple times, + SHIFT 10 steps, + CTRL 100 steps
– dissi: the enabling of ROM + PC breakpoints can be “ON” per default now (configuration setting)
– dissi, vecxi: added FRAME undo – step back 30000 instructions (every 30000 instructions a frame is saved, up to buffer size)
that way larger step backs are possible without MB collections of data
– config: moved sound configuration to miscellaneous instead of emulation
– ay: added new PSG emulation core: libayemu
– ay: added the option to chose between two PSG emulation cores, the “old” one (of MAME), and LibAYEmu
– vide: added on tree popup: “add new empty file”
– aks: added to vide (in vedi) the ability to add and play back on vectrex Arkos Tracker files,
in vedi right click on the tree menu and select a Arkos Tracker “bin” song. And generate
example source code.
– vedi: added to the vedi label selection, the macro definitions
– vecci: Using CTRL mouse drag on a vector display window – DRAGS the viewport, much more “unsable” than the arrow buttons
– vari: added checkbox to switch of display of BIOS variable names
– vari: added checkbox to see ALL RAM locations (not only the “named” ones)
– dissi: double click on the “operand” column opens vari and places the selection in the correct row (if operand denotes a variable)
– dissi: added command line command to “dump” (development mode -> RAM disk) the current active ROM to FecVever
to get the correct VecFever settings a vedi window must be open, where the settings are correctly set
– help: updated
– vecci: added the ability to select +/- to the rotation (clockwise/anticlockwise)
– vecci: added a “extended” switch for sync draw lists. The extended version also respects intensities

– assi: include filenames did not correctly exchanged seperators accross different platforms
– assi: an original bug fixed, std #address, generated a not possible mnemonic (without error or warning)
– vedi: another one of those small syntax highlighting changes (“lost” vars might be refound)
– vedi: include files in a subdirectory which included files in a subdirectory could not be
double clicked and opened – and a thread was spawned, that could not be shut down – corrected
– ym: the ym recording now “sees” if register 13 was retriggered – and sets the value correctly – even it
is the same value as befor.
– ym: streamed ym player sometimes did not set channel 7 correctly – corrected
– vedi: assembling and executing single files (not objects) did sometimes not work (internal null pointer exception – not reported) – corrected
– vedi: labels inside macros are now ALL macro labels, not only labels that end with \?
– vecci: some corrections and beautifying to the User import/export dialogs, the syntax highliting could go astray and
the loadings and saving were “disturbing”
– vecxi: multistep is finaly functioning like intended (not thread blocking after a few steps)
– vecci: another small bug with grid display fixed
– vedi: bug that one could not open include files via double click. Stupid Windows file separator – to do a RegExp one must use “\\\\”!
– assi: fixed a bug, that could lead to an out of memory error while creating CNT files
– codi: fixed a bug, where linenumbering was not correct upon opening a file
– vecx: changed vector integrator max a bit. Protector does some “strange” death “reset” – there was a diagonal
line displayed. This was due to the integrators being to exact in the former emulation
– vecx: bug, where efficiency could lead to negative vectorlengths -> black screen!


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