27th of December, First time…

Today for the first time in a month I did some “Vectrex”. I had a nice holiday, nice XMas and a not so nice little illness.
But today – I fired up a Vectrex again! First I did a tiny little update on Vectorblade – or better the intended MH part of that. To the engine I added an animated tile and also enabled the engine to handle tiles that are collectable:

The inspriation is pretty clear – isn’t it?
(looks better on a real Vectrex)

But still am kind of Vectorblade lazy at the moment.

For some time I wanted “just for show” try how fast can we get – and still be “sensible”:

Tryout called: “Dark road”

Downloadable (source/bin): http://vectrex.malban.de/NightDriver.zip (19kB)

The “special” about that – it runs in 100Hz. Yep 100! The game refreshes in under 15000 cycles, and the WaitRecal takes that into account. The usual vectrex noise – is pitched quite a bit higher, and the image is PRETTY solid.

… and the game is “twice” as fast as it normally would be :-).
(Button 1 – acceleration, Button 2 breaks, joystick – left right)

I was only trying out the 100Mhz stuff and wanted some demo – so this thing grew in about 4 hours. Do not expect a full game – but you are welcome to enhance – the tiny source comes with it!

Appart from that I was only Vectrex passiv. Following “passiv” things happened to me:

Things I got (or in two cases made) the last couple of weeks. Vectrex wise quite a lot happened.

And no – I most certainly do not collect Vectrex stuff anymore!

Seasons greetings!


3 thoughts on “27th of December, First time…

  1. vtk

    nice work chief 🙂 is that the blue and smoke overlays from darryl you got? how are you finding those? a few people found that theirs were slightly too short in length to fit securely into place

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