2nd of April 2018 Vectorblade VII

First bossfight.

And “just” a video:

If you want to do something good for me/the game… cheer me up.

Because right now I am a little bit “disheartened”… (explained in the video…)





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11 thoughts on “2nd of April 2018 Vectorblade VII

  1. Arthur

    Looks great, but each attack wave is an individual level?

    Perhaps group several and varying waves in each level and ramp up the number of waves per advancing level. Then the game will last longer with less interruptions.

  2. Arthur

    Ps. Sorry you are disheartened. You have the core of a great game, it just needs tweaking and it will be an essenyial purchase. There is a vectrex FB fave with a chap who prints custom coloured overlays. Perhaps have a chat with him and come up with a fantastic theme?

    Keep at this, please. The hardest part of finishing a game is the last 10% and you are 90% done. A modern vectrex shooter, yes please!


  3. Alan

    Once again, blown away at what you are currently unleashing to the Vectrex community! You are obviously creating quite and incredible shooter and once again taking the original classic Galaga to the next level for this platform. I love the diversified line-up of power ups you can get for this game and the new Boss enemies you have added. I realize you are running out of space and although I am no programmer, wondering if some vector line work and design on some elements could be simplified to allow for more programming space and fluency of movement with existing elements being drawn. Also wondering if it’s even necessary to have a bonus screen to show and collect power ups and if this would help save space? Not sure on either, but just my 2 cents of input. Overall I think so far this is a ground breaking direction you are unfolding!

  4. GeoAnas

    Well, this one looks great, plays great, sounds also great! Some level tweaking and this will become a smashing hit!
    No, please don’t…you should be neither disheartened, nor discouraged. You may take a break, but please this has to get finished. You’ve already spent too many hours in coding it so far…I can tell from what I see…Already a masterpiece, please don’t scrap or leave it behind.
    Many of us, could become really obsessed by trying to break through our high scores , trust me on that 😉
    Frantic gameplay, nice warping starfield animation between levels, an absolute bullet hell, big bugs and crafty designed but very tough bosses…what else shall I ask you for more? 🙂
    Oh! Well, may I ask you for some nifty graphics when in shop? Or for catchy music? Or for faster action, right from the begin ? I know, I’ve already heard you mentioning you will take care of those.
    I will stand right here as a humble viewer. I will be right here to always encourage you, because you really deserve as much positive comments and praise I can give you! I think ,I’ve already told you the magic word, many times before…Thanks! 😉

  5. Jürgen

    You should not be disheartened – i see high potential here. Some unique and technical impressive routines like the number of shots and the Galaga-like gameplay (flying of enemies and ramping up on top of screen, releasing extras when hit).
    Now you need a „red thread“ and a unique theme for your game.
    From what i can see it could be fast ememies flying from right (and/or left) inside and ramping up on top of screen in order to finish them there. Some will release bonus things (maybe not that much and clearer to see what one get). The end boss makes sense and gives the game a robotic/futuristic appeal.

    Maybe get the best of Galaga/Galaga 88 and Gaplus:
    – what about bonus rounds – hard to complete and different from round to round
    – barriers like the crystals in Galaga 88 between your fighter and above enemies
    – round count like in Galaga at the beginning of each new round
    – static shooting situation and a „fly through meteroids and things“ like in Galaga 88
    – maybe some route-select in other/more difficult stages

    … just some thoughts at the moment – please continue with your work, i think many fans are hungry for a shooter like this!



  6. Peer

    Ok, since I have already sent you an email trying to encourage you and outlining an (admittedly very crazy) idea of how to possibly deal with the memory issue, please go back to development, and here is something for the wish list 🙂

    I know this is not Galaga style, but what about adding an R-Type like mega shot mechanism? Hold down the fire button for a while, gather power, and then release one large superior shot. This would add a tactical element to the shooting. Such a super shot could be designed in various was. One large energy ball just like in R-Type, or a multi bullet shot in case your regular fire power is just one bullet, or the shots stay as they are but holding the fire button increases their impact, or …

    Keep up your spirits and keep up your great work!


    PS: … aehh, spirits is meant to refer to your mind, not to beverages …

  7. gauze

    amazing looking stuff, I think you just over reached the platforms limitations, and have to design with that in mind too! you can make it work for sure.

  8. Vectrexer

    This games is in a word, impressive. Not just for the ability to stress test the Vectrex. Also for the balance and blend of game play

    Keep it up!

    A suggestion.
    Socket the the flash chip. Use it to store continuation data. Then put other levels on Cart 2 / 3 / 4 / etc. Sort of like having a bazillion floppies. 😉 Loose the flash chip and you have to start all over again with a new data file. 🙂

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