2nd of February – Busy…

Doing different things all at the same time.
Well not totally different things – but enough to get scrambled around.

Mostly Vectorblade related though:

  • change memory management, since I need more memory in bank 3 and bank 2
  • change all vector drawing routines so that vb runs well on ALL (not only 95% of) Vectrex which results in all routines getting slower (see last posting)
  • change all drawing routines to take the T1 offset into account (see last posting), also making it slower
  • change ALL (nearly all) sprites to compensate the size (which also gives me the opportuny to clean up)
  • rewrite VIDE to compensate the faults and be able to generate different sets of SM lists
  • rewrite vector routines with new optimizations – which makes them about as fast as befor (phuu!)
  • had an idea to make shots faster – saving on a full 4-shot screen about 1300 cycles… but that also needs rewriting of ALL shots
  • in between I thought the tile engine needed also sprites, not just tiles… I’m in the middle of adding sprites…
  • also I had an idea to also use smartlists in the tile engine – enhanced the tile engine thus…
  • got some artwork from Jacek, adding (again) another title screen, also some boss intros might be coming.
  • For that I have been writing “special” SM routines, which incorporate brightness information, so that short/long vectors do not differ so much. Dunno if I use them though…
  • still working on the “desk” on the “title”
  • started “end of game” accounting – which gives additional points depending on what you did accomplish during the game
  • implemented most of the rank system


While you do not actually see anything – I have been very busy – internally.

The Queen is coming…

(Boss 1)

Beautifull drawing done by Jacek!

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4 thoughts on “2nd of February – Busy…

  1. Chris Parsons

    Those Boss intro graphics are beautiful!

    Sounds like a pain all the under the hood stuff you are having to redo with sprite sizes, it will all be worth it though.

    Always happy to test on my 7 different vectrexes 🙂

    1. Malban Post author

      Thx for the offer – but testing is not alltogether easy anymore.

      I either have to “rip” VB appart for things to test – or send a PCB.
      Remember VB now uses 192kB per default – and by now these 4 banks are quite interwoven…

      Plan at the moment is: program everything, test everything as good as I can and THAN do a beta, which will involve sending out beta PCBs.

      But the plan was also to do that last fall…

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