2nd of March 2018 – Rocks and Saucers – Deluxe!

Hi folks…

Just a short little notice – that Thomas finished his next game – Rocks and Saucers – Deluxe!

There seems to be a slight similarity to Asteroids Deluxe – but I am sure this is purely coincidental.

Anyways – look at the provided video for more impressions.

Just so the update has anything to do with Vide at all:
– added loading of V4E files to Vide (non encrytpted only)
– added VecFever bankswitching for 32 + 4x16K
– some bugs removed
– complete bankswitching overhaul

Still scheduled befor next upload:

– Arkos Tracker 2 (started)
– smartlist support in Vecci (started)
– documentation update (not started)
– dissi enhancements







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