30th September 2020 – Two Feedbacks and a release!

Golden time Vectrex enthusiast. Never had direct contact before – but I know of his deeds (yes DEEDS) around the Vectrex scene. Payment via PP:
(Sending xx more money and saying:)
“I am tipping because I appreciate your efforts to produce new Vectrex games!!!”

Three weeks later:
“Received and WOW!  I should have paid you more.  GREAT JOB.  I was blown away by the calibration screens and then also by how effective they were.  This game is amazing. THANK YOU!!!”

It is NOT about the money! Although I naturally appreciate that too – but getting praise always feels good. Thank you!

You know, sometimes I have a soft spot. With Vectorblade – as long as I had copies left (or left again), I tried to accomodate people who “nagged” me in a friendly way or sounded really “desperate” (as far as that goes concerning a copy of a game…).

The more it irritates me on the other hand if that is on the opposite end not noticed or appreciated.

(and yes sometimes I offered VB without switching the randomizer on – shoot me!)

No interest and no reaction!
(10th of September, 10 days after the final VB call!)

Him: “Hi, XXX from YYY its, you know for Vectorblade. Hope for a positive answer. Greetings XXX

Ok, not really THAT heart warming, but he is on FB and seems to be active and nice enough :-). After a couple of days I had a Vectorbade copy that was unassigned, and I offered it to him.
At the same pricetag as “always”, which has been literaly weeks on my page (and his YYY is in Europe) – Meaning IMHO he could very well have known the price. His answer…

Him: “Hey!, Thx for the mail. But the price is not cheap. I let you know. Thx in advance. Greetz XXX

There are two things that I (since I am a cry baby) find “hurtfull”.

a) He is not really interested in my game (so my interpretation), since he did not even bother to investigate further what/how I am offering. The price and circumstances were made VERY public. He just chose not to read it or not take it seriously.

b) After that I never heard from him again.


  • sources (Version 1.03)
    (including a tiny little minor change, debouncing of a button)
  • graphics
  • documents
  • sounds and music
  • and everything else

Is now openly available on GitHub: https://github.com/malbanGit/Vectorblade

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5 thoughts on “30th September 2020 – Two Feedbacks and a release!

  1. Tony Lindberg

    I had a blast working on the LE shells for Vectorblade and I hope they were appreciated by the beta testers who got them. If I can contribute in any way to your next game whatever it might be, please let me know.

    I have been enjoying Vectorblade together with my son very much since I got it in the mail a while back. The game has great replay value since it lets you breeze through the first couple of levels in no time once you are used to the gameplay and the controls. It is a great game and you should be proud of having pulled off something we hadn’t seen on the vectrex before.

  2. Phillip Eaton

    I’m optimistic that you received more positive feedback than negative and that you’ve overall enjoyed the creative experience! Secondly, thanks for releasing the game assets, they’ll be a great reference for the future.

  3. LimitZer0

    I figured you wouldn’t release the source until someone beat it on Insane. 😉

    I’m really enjoying this game as you probably already know. It is technically impressive as hell from the pcb design to the seemingly infinite amount of lines on the screen. It is also very fun. I find myself going back again to figure out another secret, unlock another achievement, or just trying to get to the next difficulty.

    I love all of the sci-fi references as well. Your game got me to watch an episode of Star Trek that I had not seen before. That is one thing I don’t think I can say for any other game I’ve played. 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing game. Those people who backed out don’t know what they are missing.

    1. Malban Post author


      In Vectorblade you can’t fly a “free” path, so you cannot steer past the sun. I tried to implement the “next best thing” :-).

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