26th of September, Vectorblade next steps

Just a short notice on the next steps of my plans.

With the exception of 1 or 2, all of the first 97 batch have been sent out.

5 people withdrew their intention to buy and from 2 other people I never heard a word. These 7 Vectorblades have been distributed to other “clients”.

I have gotten the materials for the last small batch and made another 20 Vectorblades. I made a second random draw on the list of interested people and 12 other people were written to and offered a Vectorblade.

7 of those people already paid and Vectorblades were sent.

The last couple of Vectorblades will be sold via eBay.
Since I don’t know how many people will actually in the end buy from the last batch, the number of these is not certain. It’s more than 4 and less then 10. I’ll put them on ebay over the next couple of weeks with a starting price of 80€.
I usually do starting prices of 1€ but in case there are not many bids, I don’t want to slap the original buyers in the face by possibly selling them for less than they paid for.

Apart from second hand market, these will be the last “originals”, that I will sell (well, I am keeping a FEW copies for possible trade opportunities).

I am very positive that sooner or later “new” Vectorblades will be made. Brett Walach made a beautiful new PCB, which he intends to sell for a very comfortable price.
I also know about labours towards a new boxed release including overlays, but I don’t know WHEN that will be, nor do I know the chosen price tag.

Thx for all your suport!


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