September 20th, Vectorblade v1.03

Please use the download button below. This is a binary release of a bugfixed Vectorblade.
The zip file contains 3 different versions of Vectorblade V1.03.

  • 256kB version, use this to update your flash ( or let it be updated 🙂 )
  • the *.V4E version, use this with your VecFever
  • the 4 file version, use this with Vide or any other “complient” emulator

Updating the FLASH version resets ALL settings, scores, saved games and achievements!

Save games are not compatible!
I use the same save slot with the VecFever as with older versions, that way you can keep progress, settings and highscores. If you load a saved game however, the game will most probably crash. Please save a “new” game.

I have tested this version in relation to the known bugs – and these are fixed. I played a game to level 225 – without any “glitch” or “crash”. So I am quite confident, that no (t many) major bug (s) is (are) left.

Before excepting any update requests (via snail mail) – I would like to have a test period, and have confirmation that I did not miss anything.

If you wish an update of your current Vetorblade card, please contact me, and I will either provide an update myself or get in contact with some helpfull people near you.


  • fixed: if gamescale was “positive”, boss 3 would endless loop upon fire of laser
  • fixed: pause mode glitch, shots could “slip thru” shields
  • fixed: within the minestorm, the multipliers could get garbled
  • added: version number to start screen
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One thought on “September 20th, Vectorblade v1.03

  1. DrSnuggles

    Again, well done.
    I’m sorry for you that this bug disturbed your vacation.
    Even while not at home you managed that better than most game dev studios.
    I hope that most are able to find a nearby solution for an easy flash update.

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