6th August 2020 – Vectorblade order

Ordering not possible anymore – time has run out!

I have been pondering on how to sell Vectorblade. Since I limited myself to 100 copies (+ a few spare ones) it just may happen, that not everyone who wants to buy a copy can get a copy.

Some games do not sell well, even if only a few are made available (sadly some of “Der Luchs” games come to mind).

Some other games sell hundreds of copys (Kristof Tuts games e.g.).

My personal expectation actually is, that I could sell more than 100, but as explained many times before – I am not willing to produce more.

I WILL however place everything I did for Vectorblade into the public domain like:
– the artwork of Jacek Selanski (NOT Public domain, but can be used for Vectorblade purposes (only!)) (box art/overlay)
– instructions/diary
– source code and binaries (for flash PCBs and VecFever)
– Vide project and vectorlists
– EAGLE / gerber files / bom to produce the PCBs
– music and sound pieces done by VTK
– detailed instructions for building everything

Sooo – even if you miss out on a copy of Vectorblade from me, you can do your own – or perhaps somebody else will.

Order procedure:

a) write to XXXXX, that you would like to buy a copy
b) provide a valid email address
c) provide a “pseudonym” / “alias”
(the alias might be used publically to list who is interested)
d) orders are “open” till August 31 (end of day, Berlin Time)
e) if I don’t get 100 orders, I might “open” for longer
f) if I get more than 100 orders, I will randomly select the people who will receive a copy
g) there are a couple of friends/acquaintances who will receive copies non randomly (about 10-20)
h) every one will receive only one copy max (unless you trick me convincingly)
i) cost: 80€ per copy + whatever postage fee to deliver the game to your country/address
j) after closing the order window, I will write to the recipience an email about the actual costs (including postage)
k) payment will be done via paypal (or if you live near Düsseldorf cash), preferably family/friends (if you don’t trust me – don’t order)
l) once I receive payment, I will send the game within a couple of days
m) I have all materials here beside me, Vectorblade has gone “gold” this week, final testing is being done, if everything goes right I will have 100 complete boxed and finished games next to me within a week!
(I actually only have to flash the proms with the last version and place them on the pcb)

I can take no responsibilty for covering the costs (refund), of any games which go missing in the mail nor can I send another game (since I plan to sell the whole batch).
I will try my very best to send the games with a reliable partner, I will provide tracking numbers and such and if the buyer wishes to send with ensurance, I will do that (extra costs must be covered by the buyer).

In addition to that I sadly can not do more – please be aware of that.

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25 thoughts on “6th August 2020 – Vectorblade order

  1. SiLic0ne t0aD

    The most anticipated Vectrex game in quite some time! At least for me. 🙂 I bet 100 copies will sell out in no time at all. Congrats on a job well done, this is sure to be a “must-have” title for all Vectrexians alike!

  2. Olivier/Rapetou33

    Thanks Malban for this game… Thank you also for providing everything required to build it, in case one wouldnt get one of the 100 copies. As the other enthousiasts said it, 100 copies will sell, no doubt at all.

  3. Graham Toal

    Packaging and materials look very professional! You’re going to be very busy for a couple of weeks – I bet the person at the Post Office counter is going to know you by first name soon 🙂

  4. VectrexMad!

    Congratulations on finishing this. I know you had many challenges and variables to contend with outside the programming! But you perservered and overcame all hurdles. My utmost respect to you.

  5. Vectrexer

    Hey Malban,
    You stated “d) orders are “open” till August 31 (end of day, Berlin Time)”

    So the end date for order submission will be till August 31, 2020 ?

  6. Joel Palacios

    Hello I can still be in for this. I just found d out about this. I would like 1 copy of the game 2 if possible Thanks for offering this.

  7. RpgCollector

    The best way for the last 20 is to eBay them. That way you get rewarded for your hard work! I know I will be bidding if you go that route. My number did not get picked, but that is the luck of the draw.

  8. BAH

    Of all times to take a break from social media. I took a sabbatical over August and missed the opportunity to order a copy of VECTORBLADE. I’m crying over my controller 😭

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