8th of July 2020: Vectorblade update – again

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7 thoughts on “8th of July 2020: Vectorblade update – again

  1. Chris Parsons

    Looking very polished, awesome stuff!

    I actually like the candle game over screen, glad you are keeping it.

    I may already have VecVoice fatigue though 😉

    1. Malban Post author


      VecVox :-).

      Yeah, know what you mean – but you can always just not use it. The game does not depend on it.
      It was done more as an afterthought….

  2. LimitZer0

    It looks finished! Impressive as hell.

    I also like the candle. You had me thinking about Sci-Fi movies that use candles… lol.

  3. Phillip Eaton

    I think the candle looks OK. But IMO, the voice is horrible, it’s too high pitched and speaks too often. The voice from Berzerk Ultimate is much better, although that talks to much also!

    1. Malban Post author

      It comments on the bonus items you collect (like warblade).
      There is a very easy way out – don’t use it :-).

      (The sinistar boss voice is much deeper.)

      Actually I wanted a “female” voice – all I got is a female robot mutation voice …

  4. vtk

    so great to see the game in great shape nearing the end of the long development journey

    ps. i think the candle is super! 🙂

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