April the 8th Vectorblade Alpha2 – Clone Wars!

Current version known deficiencies:
– only 27 Levels
– sound „design“ is copy/paste of sounds used in Release -> not done!
– highscore table is copy/paste from Release -> not done!
– no game over or intro screen
– explosions (enemies/player) preliminary – these will definitely change!
– no „Boss defeated“ screen

Apart from above what I still want to do:
– more enemies / more patterns – up to level 100 (if memory is sufficient)
– „Ranking“
+ player should be able to get achievements which will give player certain advantages
+ start with more bullets, more speed, do not reduce values when dying, chose level etc
– some more bonus: auto fire, score multipliers, „drunk mode“
– if sufficient space a „warp malfunction“ possibility -> mini game of dodging asteroids
– award extra lives?


Watch the new video:


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9 thoughts on “April the 8th Vectorblade Alpha2 – Clone Wars!

  1. Vectrexer

    For the boss levels with the triple-shot mode it might be nice to allow only one side of the triple shot for the ship to fit inside. Randomize which side the ship will fit.

  2. GeoAnas

    Awesome improvement! Great music too! 🙂

    Something odd I have to report…
    I tested it on my VecFever but soon after I died on level 3 (couldn’t kill the giant bug), the game forced me back and through calibration sequence again with the music got garbled (only a constant noise). This happens all the time…
    I also noticed that calibration data aren’t stored, correct?

    1. Malban Post author

      Music in calibration is garbeld – yes :-(.

      Calibration should store though… – but obviously it doesn’t otherwise you would not end up seeing it again and again.
      Have not had this report before.
      If it were a pc game I would ask you to look at the log file… with vecetrx that is kind of difficult…

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