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Again – did some froggering. Double checked the first 7 levels, and restructured them to reflect the current sprite changes.img_2480

Measurements using Vide show, that Frogger is again a bit slow – level 7 with 4 homes occupied, fly in last home and girl visiting – needs about 32.000 cycles. Damn – I have to go cycle hunting again – I thought that would be over.

Looking at available resources I have more “background” than at the time I went to university: (see image to the right – that is a self build arcade machine running MAME – and guess what Frogger 🙂 ).

Being already above the 30.000 cylce barrier I don’t see adding HighScore information while playing – bother!

Here another more current example of Frogger gameplay. I guess I will do the missing sound effects last – when I have double checked and corrected the levels.



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2 thoughts on “Continuing – continued…

  1. vtk

    at the risk of looking like im stalking you.. hot damn that video looks so smooth! 😀

    maybe it’s not so bad not having the scores information on the gameplay screen is it, hardly the end of the world or anything

    ps. the ingame music sounds terrific 🙂

  2. Malban Post author

    I feel like I am going back in time.

    I just finished my code optimizations. gained about a 1000 cycles by optimizing. But I can’t think of anything more to do. I have to “save” aproximately another 1000 cycles in game (in worst levels).

    I can’t do that by optimizing the code anymore, I will edit the new sprites and change them slightly. 26 vectors for the caterpillar (e.g.) just won’t do.
    I calculated that each drawn vector uses about 50 cycles.

    In the most occupied levels – all in all – I have to save 50 vectors.
    Since about 20 – 25 objects are displayed, I have to cut each object about 2 vectors – that should be doable :-).

    Once every level is again under 30000 I will do the rest of the sfx stuff, than it will really have a frogger look and feel. Just have to clean up intermissisions and do a nicer intro… and Voila sometime in 2017 it will be finished…

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