“Delay variants” configurable

To – maybe – add on top of the last post – I added an option to chose what kind of delay type vecxi should emulate.

The settings do NOT use an actual SHIFTREG delay, as postulated in the last blog entry, but rather use the (also mentioned) delay that can be configured using ramp on/off.

The actual delay can be configured in 3 ways:

  • ramp on 1 cycle more with each variant
  • ramp off 1 cycle less with each variant
  • ramp on and off 0.5 cycles more/less with each variant

In respect to other cartridges and the visual appearance – I chose variant 3 (0.5 cycles).

I tested the settings with known “troublesome” roms (frogger, moon lander, thrust, cleansweep, robot arena) – all work. Robot Arena calibration works perfectly with each chosen delay.

Nonetheless – the question and enquiries from last entry is still valid – I still don’t know the exact reasoning behind the variants.

Ok – you get my meaning – this works for all variant variations…


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