Not quite programming part II

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hey Malban, how are you getting on with the vectrex adventures, any news?

Karl Quappe

Baby steps :-).
– I am in contact with an artist who gives me some tips to improve some of the sprites (death, van, caterpillar, logs)…
– haven’t heard anything about the boxes and I had not enough spare time to order the “special edition” boxes
– didn’t work on the instructions any further
– did some more work on the overlay and made contact to a contact who is in contact with a printer 🙂
– did some game changes due to testing results (hey – thats from your tests :-))
– I ordered my own eprom programer (+ eraser)
– also ordered resistors, DS 2431 and eproms – I am ready to start soldering – once I get the pcbs
– I am in contact to get some cartridge shells and pcbs


I finaly reached the guys who programed the iphone game that I’d like to “port” to vectrex – and “yeah!” I got the permission!
(Now I need to find a “free” nice YM-tune, any artist out there who is interested? Or anyone who knows a musician who might be interested?)


2 weeks ago version 1.11 went live. Haven’t done much on Vide since. Somehow I got distracted. All those “game of the year 2016” articles to read. And I played thru the whole Butterscotch “Crashland” – also – I know it sound bad, but I have a nice little vampire family going on in “The Sims 4” :-), and “Bones” is in its final season and and and…


So – all in all it’s ongoing – although slowly and I let non vectrex things distract me …




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2 thoughts on “Not quite programming part II

  1. vtk

    ace, thanks for the update 🙂

    interesting to hear u have your eyes on an iphone game which has vectrex port potential

    ps. i used to write chip music tunes back on the amiga aha… will email u to chat more m8

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