Entering the vaults…

Since I am in no programming mood and having done a few pages of Karl Quappe instructions already – I thought I might do something different today. Something like, – enjoying vectrex stuff I collected…

Did you know about the weird coloring of the original Vectrex Service manual?

Before I got an original all I ever saw were photocopies from some internet space, here a picture how the thing looks like in “real life”:




I rather recently came into possession of the vectrex “Berzerk II” prototype card:

When I look at those solderings – I somehow do not feel so “left handed” anymore :-)!

This is the overlay that came with it. The coloring is different than that of the original Berzerk!

More by accident than by conscious planning I also got a prototype of Artmaster:











The last item for today I present are the shutter glasses + the Kevin Horton adapter:

Also – I short video to get a glimpse of the effect they achive:


… and since a post can’t go by without not even mentioning Karl… here a current image – running in Vide…


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