Malban – 23th of October 2016


Just for your information, I have been on a training course last week, and next week will again be a 1 week holiday.
(and just in case you are curious – I am now an ITIL expert, the course was “MALC”)

Not much vectrex stuff will be done – which is also some sort of welcome break :-).

Since Vide is in a condition that is (it seems) more or less stable, and most of the stuff I planned to implement IS implemented, I will probably slow down a bit and not update this blog as often as in the past half year.

I will nonetheless respect comments and requests for bugfixes will (if I am able to) be delivered on short notice. Also I will update Vide once in a while with bugfixes/enhancements of my own.

After the coming break I might do some actual vectrex programing (which was the trigger to start developing Vide in the first place)!

And after all – working with Vide is the best way to test it!

Have a nice time…


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