Malban – Vide diary – 26th of September 2016


Starting to finalize the new enhancements to vecci.

The HLR is now automatic “apply-able” to rotations, there were some bugfixes neccessary – even did fix some older bugs.

New today is an import realization for another file format – vecci is now able to load WaveFront object files, only supported entities:

  • vertex (“v”)
  • faces (“f”)
  • points (“p”)
  • lines (“l”)

All other entities are ignored. Faces are imported to vecci faces so HLR is working out of the box with these files.

Many OBJ-files that can be found have hundreds and thousands of vectors, the above seen violine case can be loaded and edited in vecci – but displaying it on a vectrex uses about 500000 cycles! (0.3 seconds for one frame)

Bugs removed:

  • possible deadlock in vecci animation removed
  • enhanced internal cloning mechanism of vectorlists
  • check of “ordered” vectorlists for export enable-buttons
  • enhancement to vecci, single points can be selected (and unselected) using the table

Some more cleaning up to do and documentation – but in the next few days I’ll upload a new revision…



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