September 3rd – I got a present!

As you may know – if you read the last blog entries – I did 6 limited editions of Vectorblade.

Most of these were for people who helped me with Vectorblade or people I wanted to “reward” in some way.

Now, one of these nice people “demanded” – that I sell “his” limited edition of Vectorblade via ebay and perhaps bolster my financial situation a bit more. I was quite reluctant – but the person remained adamant – so I will shortly put one up on ebay.

Nonetheless here a bit background to the limited editions.

As with many things “Vectorblade” the limited editions were made in reminiscence of older things. The box design was clearly inspired by Alex Herbets Protector:

The boxes of Vectorblade are of higher quality and much sturdier – they were handmade by a local German bookbinder.

The inlay is foamed material, which is attached to the box, the cartridge fits 100% exact.

The cartridge itself is made of anodized aluminum done in high quality manual labour in Sweden! Each of the limited editions is UNIQUE – since handmade, but also each of these 6 special cartridges features a hidden Vectorblade engraving on the inside:

EXAMPLE, I dont know whats inside the “ebay” cart – and I wont open it!

The overlay and the instructions are the same as the “normal” edition – but are still beautiful!

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7 thoughts on “September 3rd – I got a present!

  1. Tony Holcomb

    I figured they were meant to display a long side Protector LE. Always liked the simplicity of its design, not that GCE style boxes don’t also have their place.

  2. Vectrexer

    For the design, i agree. A different Vectrex game package method and look can also be beautiful and cool. I have always loved the approach Alex Herbert took with Protector Limited Edition (LE) packaging. Original, creative, and beautiful. The same for Vectorblade Limited Edition. Looks great!

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