Vide diary – 01th of April 2016

One interesting emulation fact I forgot to mention… While doing the glow “emulation” – Malban also implemented the emulation of vector “speed” in display. You will probably not notice that on normal vectors, but in theory, vectors that are drawn with a speed (strength) of e.g. $60 are less bright than vectors drawn with – say – $20.

The higher the strength (with the same scale factor) the less bright a vector gets. In emulation this can be noticably watched, when “dots” are displayed!

Dot’s have a speed/strength of 0 (zero) they are very bright, especially if they further use a “dot dwell” time. This is what you see at the end of the electricty beams, dots which are held for ?100? cycles (- to lazy to look at the source right now). You can also see dot’s dwelling as stars in e.g. Minestorm.

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